Common Construction DEFECTS (and the SOLUTIONS!)

Defect #1 – Drywall Cracks and Nail Pops

Flawless Finish, after 20+ years

Problem: Bargain drywall installers may take some short cuts to save a few dollars, but their time savers will cost you. If the drywall is not installed with enough fasteners, or if the mud is not the right type, or if the mud is not allowed to dry properly between coats then chances are you will have a dodgy drywall with cracks.

Solution: Find a quality drywall installer who will use the proper amount of quality fasteners and the right type of mud for the job, and will take the time to set each coat (A supreme drywaller will use vinyl mud as the second coat to create the nice smooth finish we all want!)

If you want quality be willing to pay for it, or it will cost you in the long run.

Tip: Be sure that the first coat is the set-fast mud (such as Durabond), which is designed to dry harder and prevent cracks. Most drywallers don’t use the set-fast mud and that’s where the problems start.

Drywall installed by W.E.West Construction Inc. in 1995

This is the smooth finish you want

Drywall installed by W.E.West Construction, Inc. in 1995

Fabulous finish- floor to ceiling

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